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The impact of violence and the inadequate security measures in our communities is huge. The need to focus on building peaceful communities is very urgent. We strongly believe that communities are the appropriate agents for promoting peace and development.

To this, the Voices for Peace was born. Voices for Peace was formed out of the need to build a peaceful society by measuring and considering the real needs (voices) of the people in their respective communities.

This will be a platform for voices to be heard and considered for the peace-building process and for accelerated economic growth.

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Our Vision

To Transform and Empower

our communities with Sustainable Development




We engage with individuals and organizations in our communities to attain a peaceful society. We promote development through good governance and digital solutions.




To facilitate and develop an enabling environment for socio-economic development through an all-inclusive peacebuilding process with technology in our communities

How Will We Get There?

1) Identify collective and individual security and social needs within the communities

2) Promote an all-inclusive peacebuilding process through advocacy and public education

3) Develop sustainable development projects by providing digital solutions for businesses, organizations, and local authorities in our communities


Meet The Team


Brianna Cook

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Executive Director


Musah Inuwa

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Communications Director


Joseph Ntsiful

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Programmes Director

Radia Sambare

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Research & Learning Officer


Ismaial M. Usman

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Administrative Director


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